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Socialism Dangers In America!

What is Socialism? It is not a way to help all people.

Video On DEBT IN America, How DID WE GET HERE!

Check out this great video to get an understanding on how Debt is created.

Video On Capitalism Facts!

Check out this great video on Capitalism by Prager U. American Conservative Ideals that have lifted so many out of poverty around the world.

Video on how Today the poor are getting richer faster In 201

Check out this great video on how we live better than Louie the 14th!  Free Trade is at the core of our success with no need to suck up to the few in power.

Video on Origins of Ethics & Morality

Check out this great video on The origins of Liberty found in the opening statement on the Ten Commandments. Freedom comes from self control, we can not do whatever we want. Prager U .com has many videos on common translations.

Video by Harding College, 1948

Check out this great video on Americans choosing Freedom over Socialism. A perfect Video to help American Children in understanding the ills of Socialism. 

Video On Capitalism in America Explained.

Check out this great video called  

It's Everybody's Business | Cold War Era Propaganda Cartoon on Capitalism & Free Enterprise | 1954